can look at the area in general for you , or a question for each of your cards.
3 cards conception / pregnancy
1.your current problem
Three card problem solver spread
Photo reading is where i would look at a photo and give what i get , anything thats picked up on , there is not limit in legnth just what i pick up around the photo.This can be done as one person in the photo, a couples photo reading, or a family photo, options are on the payment part for what you would like :) i have been asked to do these as a special so this is it :)
Photo readings , one person, couples , and family starting at £5
This is a simple three card reading using tarot or angel  cards, this can be done in general or you can ask me to look at a specific area or question for you
3 card reading
Linking to spirit , see who comes through and anything else in general
Mini mediumship reading
having strange dreams, let me see what i can pick up from them with this mini reading.
Mini Dream interpretation
Mini reading looking into your accomadation , where you live , will you move , etc
Mini reading looking at living situations
Are you pregnant and would like to know what you are having , then i can let you know what i think with this reading as well as weight and anything else that comes .
Pregnancy gender prediction
Three cards either looking in general or asking three specific question about your relationship/ love life etc.
Three card love reading