just as it says
live 10 minute reading
Looking at when you will fall pregnant , giving you specific months of possibility , possible birth month weight , looks , datesof importance , names that might crop up , character of your baby , pregnan cy and labour, and if you are already pregnant i will concentrate more on that side of things , also may pick up on any issues, and a wee bit about how you are as a person and life in general with the one card part.There is also room for asking more specific questions if you wish x
Conception / pregnancy reading
you can ask five questions or areas, and i will let spirit lead and also use my own intuition to give you detailed answers
5 questions / areas
This can be done in general lookig ahead over the next 6 months, or if you wish i can choose a card for each month and look at them seperatly for you.
6 months ahead reading
Cards one and two will look at who you are and how others see you
Astrology see saw , 12 card spread