just a it says
live 15 min reading
Mini mediumship reading ( connecting to spirit)
special offer
30 mins of a reading in general or to questions that you have
live 30 minute reading SPECIAL PRICE ! ONLY A FEW LEFT
Mini conception reading ,  looking at when you will concieve, birth dates, weight , gender, looks , labour , anyting else that may come in for you , and if you are already pregnant we can taylor to suit.
conception / pregnancy combination reading
In this reading i connect with spirit , and give through any messages that they may have for you , this will also include descriptions of people passed aswell, and any other general information that i pick up for you.This also includes a general reading again bringing anything through ,about you , those around you , life in general.
mediumship and general reading
In a relationship and need guidance , or looking for that special person and wondering where they are , then this is for you ,this includes a three card reading as well, and you can use the three cards in any way you would like.
Full relationship reading with free 3 card love reading
Full reading of your choice , whether that be in general , messages from the other side , 12 months ahead , love and relationships or anyting else that may interest you to have in full, or even a mix of readings, wee bit of general, wee bit of love , wee bit of spirit and a few months ahead etc .
Full readings ( choice of mediumship,relationship, general, looking ahead, past /present/future)
This can be done in general looking ahead into what he next year holds in all areas , or i can chose a tarot card for each month, and look at them seperatly for you.
12 month ahead reading looking at each month seperatly